Daily Bible Reading Plan

This year we are reading through the Bible together. We will post weekly updates in the e-news, bulletin and social media sites. Printed reading guides are available outside Jenny’s office. Any Bible will do, so choose your favorite and join us.

June 1 Psalm 131:1-136:26

June 2 Psalm 137:1-140:13

June 3 Psalm 141:1-144:15

June 4 Psalm 145:1-150:6

June 5 Proverbs 1:1-2:22

June 6 Proverbs 3:1-35

Salem’s Annual Bazaar

As of now, we are planning on having our annual bazaar. So work on your crafts and if you have a garden, remember to can some for the bazaar. If things change we will let you know.

Also, we still have dips, flavorings and Rada knives. We have five of the tomato knives and other miscellaneous knives. Let Diane Keeney know if you need any.